You are a trial consultant hired to help the defense attorneys select jurors. Yo
You are a trial consultant hired to help the defense attorneys select jurors. Yo
You are a trial consultant hired to help the defense attorneys select jurors. You are permitted to eliminate 4 potential jurors from the list below. Read the case description, the brief description of each potential juror and answer the questions <
Case Description <
Victim. A 42-year-old white female was found murdered at around 10 pm, near her car, with her throat slashed and purse missing, in the alley behind her co-owned place of business, a graphic design company in Los Angeles, California. Her body was found by a couple who had been passing by; no weapon has been found, and the couple have been ruled out as suspects. <
Crime scene investigation. Police have found no witnesses to the murder and very little forensic evidence. No fiber or DNA evidence was recovered, other than that from the victim. Initially, police thought that this was a robbery because of its occurrence in a high-crime area. After interviewing several acquaintances and employees of the victim, it was generally known that she was having an affair with her co-owner/business partner, but several employees stated that it was not talked about at the office because the co-owner was married. In addition, several employees witnessed the victim and her business partner arguing on several occasions and that these arguments had escalated in recent weeks. The last person to see the victim alive was her business partner who said he left the office around 7:30 pm. <
Defendant. The defendant is a 51-year-old black man who co-owned the graphic design business with the victim. He acknowledges the affair but says that when he left the office on the night in question the victim was in her office and preparing to go home. He says he left the office about 7:30 pm and arrived home about 9 pm. He states it is normally a 45-minute to an hour drive, but he was a little late on this day because the freeway traffic in Los Angeles was particularly bad. His wife corroborates that he came home about 9 pm on the day in question and that he did not appear abnormal in demeanor. <
Prosecution. The prosecution contends that they had been having an affair and that she was planning on telling the defendant’s wife. In addition, the prosecution argues that the victim and defendant had been arguing a great deal in the office lately and that these arguments had been witnessed by many employees. A friend of the victim has stated in investigative interviews that she has had conversations with the victim and that the victim has stated that she was going to bring the relationship with the defendant to a head, one way or another. This testimony will be inadmissible because it is considered hearsay. <
Defense. The defense claims that the defendant has already admitted to having an affair with the victim and that he voluntarily divulged this information. He also stated that they have had arguments but that they were never physical. It was normal that all employees leave before the co-owners, and it was normal for the victim and defendant to work late. The defense also states that there has been no scientific evidence that ties the defendant to the crime. A weapon has not been found, no DNA evidence has been found to tie the defendant to the murder, and the victim’s purse has not been found. <
As a trial consultant, it is your job to narrow the remaining 16 potential jurors to 12. The following are descriptions of the potential jurors. <
Prospective Juror 1: 20-year-old black female college student <
Prospective Juror 2: 45-year-old white male construction worker <
Prospective Juror 3: 50-year-old white female stay-at-home mother <
Prospective Juror 4: 32-year-old white male out-of-work musician <
Prospective Juror 5: 59-year-old Hispanic male postal worker <
Prospective Juror 6: 36-year-old white female real estate broker <
Prospective Juror 7: 46-year-old Asian male grocery store owner <
Prospective Juror 8: 62-year-old black male factory worker <
Prospective Juror 9: 44-year-old white male computer programmer <
Prospective Juror 10: 32-year-old white male hair designer <
Prospective Juror 11: 27-year-old black male high school football coach <
Prospective Juror 12: 48-year-old white female graphic design company owner <
Prospective Juror 13: 25-year-old white female dental assistant <
Prospective Juror 14: 49-year-old white male automobile salesperson <
Prospective Juror 15: 34-year-old Hispanic male junior high school teacher <
Prospective Juror 16: 29-year-old white male record store manager <
Please identify the 4 jurors you would dismiss, considering the preferences of both the prosecution and the defense. Consider demographics (age, race, ethnicity), profession/job, and similarity of the potential juror to the victim and alleged perpetrator. Give an explanation for why you dismissed the 4 jurors. Be explicit of the biases you have or assumptions you make based on the brief descriptions (for example, you may think a stay-at-home mother may be more severe in her judgment about having an affair). Conclude with a paragraph describing any additional information you think you would need to confirm your selections.

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