You are a mental performance consultant that was recently hired by the Pointed-T
You are a mental performance consultant that was recently hired by the Pointed-T
You are a mental performance consultant that was recently hired by the Pointed-Toe Ballet Company, a prestigious ballet company that always produces top dances domestically and internationally. In your initial team meeting with the company of dancers, you explain what performance psychology is important in developing the cognitive approach to the ballet floor. You share that there needs to be a holistic apporach to the training and that you can not rely only on the kinesthetic. The ballet master comes to you after the session and shares with you that the company (group of dancers) has a problem embracing diversity, coming together as a team, and some issues with anxiety related to performing together. Taking the words from the ballet master, you remember the training you had about the DISC Assessment in your KIN454 course as a critical component of providing an instrument to help assess the group and use it as a building block for further team dynamics and cohesion (*). In an effort to open up the dialog about diversity, you decided that administering a psychological instrument (assessment) to the dancers would provide a greater understanding of both the individual and collective nature of the dance company. For this week’s reflection, please locate one psychology instrument from the internet (try to find the free versions). If you have not taken the DISC already, then you may use that. I want to encourage you though, stretch and find something new. Explore the following helpful site for instruments:
Downloads > Scales & measures
Answer the following questions in your initial post: - What is the name of your instrument and who is the creator? (You must upload a copy of the instrument in your initial post) - What is the foundation behind the instrument? (Why was it created?) - What psychological issue, with the dance company, are you trying to solve with this instrument? - How will this instrument be utilized within the team, not just in the next session, but beyond, to address the team’s problems as discussed by the ballet master? In your Classmate Reply – Please click on one of your classmates instruments, they attached in their initial post, and take it. How was it? What did you like? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the instrument? With your classmate reply do your best to provide him or her with some good honest feedback (Remember – this is just a discussion. No one is “married” to an instrument. We are all trying and learning. So, take all feedback as constructive.) (*) If you have not taken the DISC Assessment yet in KIN454, I have attached here for you. Please take it so you have a greater understanding of it. Then, you can look up more information about the DISC by visiting the follow web site:

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