work-life balance
work-life balance
A 2-page (minimum!!!) Microsoft Word document in 12-point Times Roman font, double line spacing(not single or triple line!). This is an Opinion paper, not an APA paper. Place your name in the upper right corner of the first page - nothing else like course name, date, etc. DO NOT write out the Assignment description or the questions as part of your answers; just number your answers to agree with the questions asked, then skip a line after each answer. Solid, meaty answers are a must! Lastly: no references, artwork, logos, color, graphs, boldface, bullets, etc. - just straightforward, narrative writing! Remember: two full pages in length! 

Step 1: Read the Scenario and Discussion Questions.

One of the major challenges facing businesses today is how to create a work environment that meets the needs of all generations that work within it. We know that Baby Boomers and Generation Xers work differently. For example, Baby Boomers entered their career with a strong work ethic - a result of the strong work ethic shown by their parents. Also, many Baby Boomers entered the workforce as dual-career couples, managing busy home and work lives. Generation Xers saw the toll what “trying to have it all” took on the family and as a result, try to manage a better work life balance. In a survey by the Families and Work Institute, 52% of Generation Xers put family first, while only 41% of Boomers said that family comes first.

Discussion Questions

1. Why do you think generation plays such a large role in our work life balance? Do you see this at your own workplace? Explain.

2. What can companies do to create better work life balance for employees? Discuss at least three (3) rcommendations.

3. Do you think the individual is also responsible for his or her own work life balance? Explain your answer.

Step 2: Read through your Textbook and Use the Internet to Answer the Questions.
As you answer the questions, make sure you utilize paragraph format. If you use references, make sure to cite those as well.

Step 3: Look over your Assignment for Spelling or Grammar Errors.
Always proofread your work prior to submission.  Take this time to read over your assignment and make sure you have thoroughly and thoughtfully explained your answers to the questions listed above. Do you have on your computer? It's free, and will really help your writing!

Step 4: Make sure you prepare your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (Times Roman 12-point font) 

Step 5: Save your assignment as A01, your first initial, and last name. For example, Mary Jones' assignment would read "A01MJones". Submit the assignment via the Submit Assignmentbutton. 

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