Needs Assessment Project<Introduction<The instructional systems design p
Needs Assessment Project<Introduction<The instructional systems design p
Needs Assessment Project<
The instructional systems design process begins by conducting a needs assessment. If it is poorly conducted, training will not achieve the outcomes or financial benefits the company expects. You are to prepare a needs assessment from a real or imaginary situation in a work environment for which you have access to training and development departments and/or employees that can be surveyed, interviewed, etc. This project will be due during week 5. Here are the criteria that you need so assure is included in your project. There is an example of a survey and a document for your guidance. Also, a grading rubric is provided for your support. This project directly relates to the final project (due during Unit 7). This is the first step so be sure this will support the training plan that is due Unit 7.<
Organizational Analysis – involves determining<
the appropriateness of training, given the business strategy<
resources available for training<
support by managers and peers for training<
Task Analysis – involves:<
identifying the important tasks and knowledge, skill, and behaviors that need to be emphasized in training for employees to complete their tasks<
Person Analysis – involves:<
determining whether performance deficiencies result from a lack of knowledge, skill, or ability (a training issue) or from a motivational or work design problem<
identifying who needs training<
determining employees’ readiness for training<
Methods for collecting the above data - include:<
Focus Groups<

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