Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus and intercultural understanding what are some of the stereotypes of this virus?how we can help others understand that these stereotypes are harmful? Provide explanations and support your answers. 1. please attempt to provide external sources OTHER than the ones listed under ‘ Course Materials’. The articles just provide a framework of understanding. It is not encouraged to simply use that article for citing. 2. Your responses should be between 3-6 pages double spaced, cited correctly and documented well. I am not seeking a summary. I am seeking a critical answer. Please google or use any online search engines on how to write a critical response. 3. Please note the following before submission: 4. 1. Please proofread spelling and grammar. 5. 2. Follow APA style( Google search “ Purdue OWL) 6. 3. CITE ALL your sources. Failure to cite sources will result in plagiarism ( A minimum of 3-5 sources outside from the book) 7. 4. Answer the question critically, do not summarize sentences from the book etc 8. 5. Answer length: 4-6 pages, well cited, proofread and the question critically analyzed and answered.

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