Use link above to do essay In a 2 page minimum, formatted, cited essay answer all the following questions to the best of your ability. 1. What is the intervention? (What specifically does it do, how many are impacted? Who is impacted, specifically? who is paying for it, how much does it cost, what are the intended results?) 2. How well is it working? (Are there any measures of success? Any data about who has been helped, what has happened as a result? If this is a new intervention, how is it expected to work?) 3. What are the potential or observed positive consequences of this intervention, both short term and long term? Be specific! (What good outcomes have come or could come out of this action? How could society potentially be improved? After a few days, months or years of this intervention, how could it help individuals, families, communities, and societies? What are the ripple effects?) 4. What are the potential or observed negative consequences of this intervention? (What negative outcomes have come or could come out of this action, both short term and long term? How could individuals, families, communities, or societies potentially experience unintended negative consequences from this intervention?) Hint: The only wrong answer to this question is “there are not negative consequences.” 5. How popular is the intervention? (Do politicians, the general public, organizations and other important actors approve or disapprove of this action? How can you tell? **Focus on positive and negative consequences **Use hard facts

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