This document has the instructions for the Genre Analysis paper. I want you to apply the research method into the paper as how it’s mentioned in the instructions. I want the paper to be great and be kind of basic. I want it to be simple and straightforward. For the interview I want you to look online for any nursing interview and his or research or genres that could be applied for the genres analysis paper My Professor is strict in grading so I want to make sense and I don’t want any plagiarism because I will fail my course if that happens. This document is an example of how I want my paper to look like and how it formatted APA format 4 pages Reference page I want it to be done by April 16 at 3 or 4 Am because I’m super late and I have to submit as soon as possible. Each project is building the next project . This was my last project that I did and it has the research method that I want you to apply to it. It’s about the Nursing discourse community and discussing their genres. Find an online interview that talks about nursing genres or studies that nurses usually look at.

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