Concept Paper for Term Paper
Concept Paper for Term Paper

1.    Major Paper:  Thiswill be a 10-12 page paper focusing on your critical analysis of a culturalartifact using historical or contemporary rhetorical theories/techniques. A 5-minutepresentation is required at the end of the semester!

This is going to be a project that's kneeled downto writing 5 papers as the semester goes on, and the end you'll have to put allthe papers together for the project to be completed.


This is going to the 1st paperfor the project, the professor wants us to find a topic that we can relate History and Theory ofRhetoric to. 

Write 1-2 paragraphs about why you choose the topic and howit's related to Historyand Theory of Rhetoric. 

-Then we'll continue with the rest of the papers for the project as the semestergoes on. 


-Youll also need to ask mefor my school access to go in my school account to watch one lecture of the professorexplaining, how to the whole project going to go and what hes looking for thiswhole project, so you can get a clear understanding what to do and what not todo.

Papers are to be the original composition ofeach student. Although you must use outside sources in preparing a paper andcite them appropriately, you should not plagiarize such material. D2L utilizesTurn It In software. Papers will be submitted to drop boxes on D2L which checksfor plagiarism. This will be 10% off of every assignment!! Plagiarism can lead to an F onthe paper or for the semester depending on the severity. 

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